Frequently asked questions

We all know socks and how to wear them but the material, size and quantities can all be answered here. 

General Questions

Do you make custom socks?

Yes, that is our core business here at Sox Factory. Get in touch with one of our guys and we’ll make it happen. Please click here for more info on how to get your custom socks done and how the process works. 

How long does it take to create a custom sock?

Depending on the quantity, socks can be delivered as quickly as  3 -5 weeks from order confirmation depending on order specificationsToo long? No problem let us know and we’ll make it happen!

What is your minimum order?

Minimum quantity from 50 pairs to thousands of socks. 

What are the size options?

UK Sizing

Small 12-3  | Medium 4-7 | Large 8-12 

Sock lengths and styles

Short Active – Popular in running

Long Active – Popular in sports like cycling & running

Over the calf Active – Equestrian, rugby, soccer and motorbiking

Design Questions

Can I design my own sock?

Unfortunately, the results of clients designing their own socks never meets their expectations. There are some ‘rules’ that we adhere to get the absolute best result. We do however encourage you to send us a design brief in as much detail as possible of what you have in mind. We can also send a printable mock up to you that you can draw on. From there we will recreate your dream sock into a digital mockup for further review. We will let you know from your design brief what the limitations are and how we can overcome them.

What is the difference between a vector and high res image?

We always require a vector logo/image format, which means the image is not compressed into pixels. The files should be high resolution to print the best quality socks for you.

A vector file is an editable file which is available in AI, EPS, PDF and SVG formats. Usually, a high-resolution image like a Jpeg, TIFF or PNG file is a rasterized file which will pixelate when edited.

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