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How socks are made, material we use and performance quality

Polylon36 Fiber

The Sox Factory has procured the perfect material that is both durable and soft. Each sock is knitted to perfection with our own PolyLon36 Fiber. 

HEEL & TOE Support

Sox Footwear’s seamless toe and arch support ensure an optimal fit for everyday wear and an active day outdoors.  Extra cushion on the heel and toe is implemented for extra comfort and less impact on pressure points.

Sox Footwear HTFU Icon

Breathable upper mesh panels to allow better ventilation for athletes.

Sox Footwear TruePrint Icon

Our high tech true print will never fade or wash out. Sox Factory has paved the way with this technology and is the first in South Africa.  

Sox Footwear Sock Length Icon

Sox Footwear’s best sellers have always been the crew cut sock. In 2020, we’ve expanded and now offer a anklet sock and knee-high sock.

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